Walter de Gruyter

Walter de Gruyter

A Handbook of Varieties of English/A Multimedia Reference Tool
Ed. by Kortmann, Bernd / Schneider, Edgar W.
In collab. with Burridge, Kate / Mesthrie, Rajend / Upton, Clive
December 2004
24 x 16 cm. 2 vols. Approx. 2500 pages. Hardcover + CD-ROM.

The Handbook will be by far the most thorough reference work on phonology and the first-ever comprehensive overview of the morphology and syntax of varieties of English in the world. It will be published as a two volume book accompanied by an interactive CD-ROM. The genuine speech samples and interactive maps of the CD-ROM will not only supplement the printed articles by offering lively illustrations of the varieties of English around the world, but the material offered can also be used for linguistic research.

Survey Articles
The books feature descriptive survey articles that are authored by widely acclaimed specialists in the field and that

The CD-ROM not only supplements the printed volumes through interactive access to the varieties but also provides a comprehensive database with:

  • a unique collection of speech recordings of English from around the world;
  • sound samples that open new perspectives on the varieties of English, as speech recordings also constitute the central aspect of research - students as well as professional academics will feel encouraged to use the material for new investigations;
  • interactive and synchronized maps that allow either phonological or morphosyntactic (grammatical) comparisons;
  • extensive bibliographies on the relevant research literature;
  • links to pertinent websites.

    Network License
    The network license provides departments of English and Linguistics with the opportunity to make the multimedia tools on the CD-ROM simultaneously available to a wider number of faculty members and students.

    A network license for the CD-ROM for 1-5 concurrent users is available at an additional price. Please contact your supplier or Mouton de Gruyter ( for further details. Network licenses for more than 5 concurrent users can also be purchased by contacting Mouton de Gruyter.
    Together, the books and the CD-ROM are an indispensable reference work and research tool for sociolinguists, dialectologists, phonologists, grammarians, typologists, and specialists in contact languages and varieties of English around the world. Given its accessible style and its rich auditory and visual support, this Handbook is also ideally suited not only for professional academics but also for undergraduate and graduate students. Please visit to register for a free demo version.

    The editors are responsible for the following topics:

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