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Dictionary of British Classicists
General Editor: Robert B. Todd, University of British Columbia, Vancouver
3 volumes

There is considerable biographical material available on British Classics, but it has never been collected into a single compendium consisting of individual entries. This dictionary is thus the first single biographical resource dealing with British classicists in the period 1500-1960.

The dictionary contains over 700 entries, covering not only major classical scholars, but also minor and neglected figures (such as schoolteachers and publishers) who helped sustain British Classics. The individuals included have mostly been born, educated and made their careers in the British Isles. However, others are included who were born and educated elsewhere but whose careers were pursued in Britain. The term 'classicist' applies to individuals who contributed in any way to the study of Graeco-Roman culture, or to its organization and propagation. Each entry gives the reader a glimpse of the individual's life, publications and contributions to Classics through other activities such as teaching, organization or administration. Bibliographical pointers to further research are given and each entry is written in an accessible style, without the use of unnecessary scholarly terminology. 3 volumes of newly written material

Approximately 700 entries, cross-referenced and fully indexed
contains entries on well-known scholars, minor and neglected figures, and major literary figures
each entry contains a biography, a critical assessment and a primary and secondary bibliography

September 2004
ISBN 1 85506 997 0
3 volumes : new material : 234x154mm : cloth
Price: 495.00
Introductory Offer valid until 30th November 2004: 450.00

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