Personal Bibliography Management Software


Personal Bibliography Management Software
Analysis and Comparison of Some Packages:

             Citation® Windows:  v. 9
             RefWorks® web-based v. 4.2
             Biblioscape ® Windows:  v. 6  Professional edition 
             Bookends ® Mac OS X:  v. 9.2.1
             Library Master ® Windows:  v. 4.15
             ProCite ® Windows:  v. 5.0.3 ;  Mac OS 7.5.5:  v. 5
             EndNote ® Windows:  v. X (10) ;  Mac OS X:  v. X (10)
             Reference Manager ® Windows:  v. 11.0.1

written by Francesco Dell'Orso,  April  2007

All rights reserved Francesco Dell'Orso, Universitą degli studi di Perugia (Italy) All the products mentioned in this work are ® trademark and or © copyrighted by their respective companies or organizations

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For a new version of this work see: Bibliography Management Software : with a Detailed Analysis of Some Packages, October 2007

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