4.1. Identity card

Identity card

(For data relating to address, URLs, email, telephone, fax, discussion list, distributors, assistance, support, resource depository, demo versions, special licences and other products, make reference to the  Producers' respective basic web URL, see below: www)

EndNoteWeb (web based) RefWorks (web based) Procite EndNote Reference Manager
Identity card  Identity card   Identity card   Identity card   Identity card  
A - Producer
Producer:  Thomson Reuters (Carlsbad, CA US, previously ISI ResearchSoft) www Producer: RefWorks (US) www Producer: Thomson ResearchSoft Carlsbad, CA (US) www Producer: Thomson Reuters, Carlsbad, CA US, previously ISI ResearchSoft) www Producer: Thomson ResearchSoft, Carlsbad, CA US, previously ISI ResearchSoft) www
B - Product considered

EndNote Web: only web based, hosted on remote producer's servers
Versions: v. 2.4 (October 2008)
Price: free for institutions having subscribed ISI Web of Knowledge. Also: With the EndNote X2.0.1 update, each user receives an EndNote Web account. This applies to individuals as well as volume or site licensees

-language: English, Chinese
Individual license & Site license: see above Price

RefWorks only web based, hosted on remote producer's servers;
Versions: v. 5.0;  August 2007
Price: ask the producer for site licences most often delivered on a FTE basis; individual license can be around $ 100 US per year
-language: English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Chinese, Korean
Individual license: one account login that can be used by more users
Site license: with unlimited number of accounts.

ProCite v. 5.0.3 Windows single user version (v. 5 1999 updated in October 2003); ProCite v. 5 Power Mac
(cross compatibility between the two versions without need to convert database);
single user: yes; Price: ca $US 400 + handling and shipping (volume discounts and educational prices available, e.g.: students ca $US 110)
standalone read only database: yes, (use the demo version, after 30 days of full functionality it reverts to EndNote Viewer: search and sort);
-language (menu, manual, help): English;
-network: yes (read-only; not tested); for 5 users ca $US 1.400;

EndNote Win: Windows version X2 (12), June 2008;
EndNote Mac: Mac OS X, v. X (12) September 2008;
interoperability between MacIntosh and Windows versions without need to convert databases, also within a multi-platform network. 
No backwards compatibility to versions lower than v. 8  (citation styles, import filters and connections not at risk)
-single user: yes, ca $US 300 (handling and shipping not included); $US 250 if downloaded from the webstore. No printed manual, manual as PDF file; (US and CA students: ca $US 110); users of countries with local distributor must purchase from them at localized prices 
standalone read-only database: no
-language (menu, manual, help): English;
in other languages: no 
network: yes (read-only) requires license adequate to the total number of concurrent network users
Windows and Mac OS editions: the two versions work in the same way with a few differences: Mac:
Mac has got Spotlight search ability: can use full-text automatic Mac Spotlight background indexing to locate also strings within EndNote library records
3. Toolbar can be customized
4. Format paper command can be made available in wp other than MS-Word using the Mac Services function when available
5. Reference Edit: special characters command opens a window for font and characters to be chosen
6. Import from Internet: Direct export of bibliographic data from information providers web sites can be available only via Mozilla-Firefox (official doc. says also Netscape) when it is customized so that EndNote works with Mozilla-Firefox as a helper application
PALM OS edition: Both Windows and Mac editions can be synchronized with 
handheld devices using Palm OS™ 4.x-5.4.x (8 MB RAM): not tested.
The Palm version is not a full EndNote on the Palm. It is a small application to make your references -one db at the time- available away from your main computer, with limited editing capacity. It does not provide: change reference types; CWYW manuscript formatting; scan RTF paper; Z39.50 searching; print; import; export; changing styles, etc. You can make simple changes to references such as adding records and data, and do very simple searching.
Adding notes is done in an independent entry window instead of in a separate field, this is a Palm standard. The field information will be plain text when it is synchronized back to the PC

Reference Manager version 12 Windows, single user and network version, published September 2008;
-single user: yes, Price: ca $US 300 + handling and shipping, or 250 if downloaded (students in North America: ca $US 116); when local agreed distributors exist, users from outside North America must purchase from them
-standalone read-only database: no;
-language (menu, manual, help): English;
-network: yes, with workstation installation 5 User Network License ca $US 1.400, (for concurrent use contact the developer); see also Network version

C - System requirements

Browsers: MS-Internet Explorer 6.0-7.0 / Firefox 2.0-3.0 / Safari 1.3 - 2.0
Windows Plug-in Requirements : Windows XP SP2, Vista ; CWYW: MS-Word 2003 / 2007 ; Toolbar: MS-Internet Explorer 6.0-7.0 set as the default Web browser ; Firefox 2.0 for Windows set as the default Web browser
Macintosh Plug-in Requirements: Macintosh OS X 10.4.9 and 10.5.x  / CWYW: MS-Word 2004/2008 / Toolbar: Firefox 2.0 for Macintosh set as the default Web browser .
Cookies and JavaScript must be enabled in the Web browser settings.
Format any RTF file as a paper

RW:  since this is a web based application, Windows and/or Mac distinction does not apply properly;
Additional software compatibility: Browsers:  Internet Explorer Version 5.0 or later (Windows only);  Netscape Version 6.0 or later (Windows and Mac);  Firefox 1.X or later (Windows and Mac)
Word Processors:   Word for Windows 2000 or later;  Word for Mac 98 or later; can also use any word processor including Ami-Pro, FrameMaker, OpenOffice, StarOffice, Word Perfect, or any other program, which allows you to save your files as RTF. 
Write-N-Cite is only compatible with MS Word.  For any other word processing software users should use One Line/Cite View to insert placeholders in their documents (One Line/Cite View is a display mode, then use Cite command) .
Pr: CPU Processor: 80486 (Pentium recommended); Mac: Power Mac (120Mhz recommended)
OS: Windows 95, 98, NT4 or higher; Mac OS 7.5.5
RAM: 16Mb (32Mb recommended)
Hard-disk space: ca 30Mb 
Additional Software: MS Word for Windows 7.x, 97, 2000; Mac: 6, 98; Corel WordPerfect 7.x, 8.x, 9; Netscape or Internet Explorer to capture HTML pages
En: CPU Processor: Win: PC Pentium or compatible, 450 MHz; Mac: PowerPC G4 450 MHz
OS: Windows XP SP2; Vista; 
Mac: OS X 10.4.x  10.5.x
RAM: Win 256 MB available; Mac 256 MB 
Hard-disk space: Win 180 MB; Mac 180 MB 
Additional Software: Adobe Acrobate Reader to read the PDF User's Manual; For manuscript formatting, via CWYW: Win: MS Word for Windows 2003, 2007; Mac: MS Word 2004 and 2008, also: other WP supporting Mac Services offer limited CWYW capabilitiesWin & Mac: scanning 'any' RTF file, created with Corel WordPerfect, OpenOffice, StarOffice... etc.; can also scan .ODT files created by OpenOffice; any Internet browser
RM: CPU Processor: Pentium-class min. 450 MHz
OS: Windows XP SP2 or Vista
RAM: 256 MB minimum
Hard disk space: 180 MB minimum
Additional hardware: Internet connection or CD ROM drive
Additional software: any Internet browser;
to use the manuscript function to cite references in a document (CWYW): Microsoft Word (2007 and 2003); the Add-in for Corel-WordPerfect  12-14 does not work, despite official documentation, nor is available a format "RTF file as a paper" functionality
Identity card  Identity card   Identity card   Identity card   Identity card  

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