Bibliography Management Software 

Bibliography Management Software
with a Detailed Analysis of Some Packages: Bibus, EndNote Web, RefWorks, ProCite, EndNote, Reference Manager

Francesco Dell'Orso

3rd ed., January 2010

             Bibus®              Multiplatform -Windows, Mac, GNU-Linux- v. (2009)
             EndNote Web®              web based: 2.8 (2009)
             RefWorks® web-based:  v.  5.0 (2007); current release is: January 2009
             ProCite ® Windows:  v.  5.0.3 (1999, upd. 2003);  Mac OS PowerMac:  v. 5 (1999)
             EndNote ® Windows:  v.  X3 (13) (2009);  Mac OS X:  v. X3 (13) (2009)
             Reference Manager ® Windows:  v.  12 (2008)


Previous editions:

  • 2nd ed. March 2009 : EndNote Web, RefWorks, ProCite, EndNote, Reference Manager
  • 1st ed., 1st update May 2008 : with a section on database via WWW: EndNote Web, Bookends,  RefWorks, Reference Manager, Biblioscape, Biblioserver
  • 1st ed. October  2007


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All the products mentioned in this work are ® trademark of and/or © copyrighted by their respective companies or organizations
All rights reserved Francesco Dell'Orso, Universitą degli studi di Perugia (Italy)


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